Ground Forces equipment & vehicles

CLETRAC Aircraft Tug

CLETRAC Aircraft Tug

Manufactured during WWII and delivered to the U.S. Army Air Corps. After serving in the European Theater (ETO), ours was abandoned at an airfield in Belgium. In 2017 it was bought by the CAF and is currently being restored to fully operational status. See her operating at events like CAF's Wings Over Dallas with FiFi and Diamond Lil.

FFN-3 Crash Truck

FFN-3 Crash Truck by International Harvester

International Harvester (IH) built this crash truck in their Springfield, OH, plant as a 1½ ton 6x6 M3-4 military truck chassis. When delivered to the U.S. Navy, it was given the military designation FFN-3. It's fitted with Bean Company body, firefighting apparatus, and accessories specific to operating aircraft crashes at military airfields and bases.

M9A1 Halftrack


Only a few International Harvester M9A1 Halftracks were made during the war and virtually all were shipped to Allied Nations. Having this unique surviving example is a great opportunity to preserve history and honor our Allied partners. 

Airfield Fuel Truck


This is an original CCKW variant as a Fuel Truck. Recovered from New Hampshire, USA. European return.

Airfield Fire Truck


Manufactured during WWII by the fire truck maker Ward LaFrance, this 1942 Class 500 Airfield Fire Truck was in service during the war at an airfield in Texas. It's been in private collections, sitting unrestored, until 2017 when the CAF acquired it through a donation. The current plan is to restore her to operational status as she was in WWII.

M27 Bomb Truck


The Model 27 Bomb Truck is a variant of the CCKW 2 1/2 Ton Truck manufactured throughout WWII. 

M4 Sherman Tank

M4 Sherman Tank

Manufactured by the Pressed Steel Car Company in Detroit, Michigan, this is an early surviving example of the M4 Sherman Tank.

Ford GPW jeep

Ford GPW jeep

While manufactured during the war by both Willys and Ford, our operating jeep is a Ford GPW in mostly original condition. 

120mm M1 Anti-Aircraft Gun


A surviving example of the U.S. Army's standard super-heavy anti-aircraft gun used during WWII

Cushman Airborne Scooter


This is an operational example of the Cushman Model 53 Airborne Scooter manufactured for the U.S. war efforts.

60 Inch Searchlight


GE 60 inch searchlight and generator unit. Looking for accompanying .50 cal gun mount unit.